Month: February 2023

Be the Media, Know the Media, Change the Media.

February 2023 Update

Hello! Rowan here, Campaign Coordinator at Better Media, and as promised last month I’m here with another update on the work we’ve been doing here in February.

Climate Misinformation in the UK Media – a discussion

Last week, Better Media hosted a live online discussion on Climate Misinformation in the UK Media. Watch it back now.

Why Their News Is Bad News – CPBF Programme from 1983

Last week, Better Media was given access to a copy of a TV programme made by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, our predecessor organisation. Titled ‘Why Their News Is Bad News’, the programme was made for the BBC’s Open Door series of community-made features. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to publish the programme, but we found it fascinating and wanted to share some highlights.