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Organisations that offer highlight opportunities to work in or otherwise get involved in the media, or provide peer-to-peer support for media workers. See also our twitter list.

beabee Community Journalism Guides

As well as producing an open source software platform for local newsrooms, beabee have a handy list of guides to community journalism, covering everything from membership systems to community building, in English and German.

Bureau Local

Part of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the Bureau Local is a network of investigative journalists reporting on local-scale stories. It also works to empower underrepresented communities through the People’s Newsroom initiative.

Centre for Community Journalism

Supports community news outlets by connecting them to funding and training opportunities. Based at Cardiff University and closely linked to the Independent Community News Network, a national representative body.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (TCIJ)

An ‘experimental laboratory’ set up to train reporters in the craft of investigative journalism, teaching both traditional methods and new technologies. Supports promising investigative projects as well as running a broad swathe of trainings and other initiatives.

Decentred Media

Developed by Better Media member Dr Rob Watson, Decentred Media supports the development of community media projects, particularly community radio and podcasting.

Independent Media Association (IMA)

The representative body for a large proportion of UK independent media outlets. If you’re looking to find work in independent media, the IMA’s list of members is a great starting point.


A collective of journalists and media workers that meet monthly to share technical skills.

Journo Resources

Network providing a wide range of resources relating to careers in journalism, including job opportunities, rate guidance, pitching advice and more.

LGBTQ+ Journalism Network

A new network for LGBTQ+ journalists in the UK to find, support and learn from each other. Runs community events and provides resources and advice.

Media Helping Media

Providers of free training material for journalists. Aimed primarily at those starting out in the field, but there’s also some very useful material here for more experienced journalists.


A social enterprise that matches up aspiring journalists with affordable accommodation provided by more established journalists, aiming to support people from diverse backgrounds to overcome the financial barriers to starting a career in journalism.

Public Interest News Foundation (PINF)

An organisation set up to address the challenges faced by independent news providers in the UK, through advocacy, advice and grant funding. Involved in several major ongoing projects, including the Manifesto for a People’s Media and a swath of Local News Plans.

The Race Beat

An independent network run by and for UK journalists of colour. Members share advice, experience, opportunities and support.

The Second Source

An alternative network for female and non-binary journalists. Provides advice and support to journalists of marginalised genders, as well as platforming lessons for reporting on issues that affect women and non-binary people.

UK Community Radio Network

Set up at the start of the pandemic, the UK Community Radio Network (UKCRN) works to support the 300+ Ofcom-licensed community radio stations in the country. Run by and for community radio station managers.

We Are Black Journos

A community platform that connects Black journalists and Black people looking to start careers in the UK media. Runs regular events, and hosts a podcast that spotlights the experiences of Black journalists.

Women in Journalism

A network that supports women journalists, campaigns for gender diversity throughout the media industry, and promotes journalistic work produced by women. See also Women in Journalism Scotland.