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Sources of information about the workings of the modern UK & international media, and those working to change it. See also our twitter list.

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF) – Podcast archive

CPBF, the forerunner organisation to Better Media, released a series of podcasts on topical media issues in the 2010s. They are available on this archive page, and still worth a listen!

Centre for Media, Data and Society (CMDS)

Part of the Central European University (CEU), the CMDS is a leading research centre that serves as a focal point for an international network of acclaimed scholars, research institutions and activists.

Centre for Media Monitoring (CfMM)

A project of the Muslim Council of Britain, the CfMM works to highlight trends of negative representation of Islam and Muslims in the UK media, and to promote good practice for better standards of reporting.

Centre for Research in Communication and Culture

A department of the University of Loughborough. Their blog records developments in the academic field of communication studies dating back to 2015.

Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power

Part of King’s College London’s Policy Institute. Research focuses on how media provision, public & political communications, and the exercise of power through these mediums are changing in the digital age.

Charitable Journalism Project (CJP)

A charity that produces research, policy and evidence to protect and develop public interest journalism, primarily through advocating for the expansion of charitable status to more journalist organisations.

Civil Journalism Lab

A forum for skills and knowledge sharing among journalists, facilitated by Newcastle University. Runs regular in-person and online events at which journalists share their experiences and lessons.

Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI)

A department of the University of Westminster which publishes research and advocacy around media legislation and ownership. Runs open seminars featuring academics and experts.

Discover Leveson

Essential yet underused archive of the evidence generated by the Leveson Inquiry in 2011-12. Specifically designed to make the vast amount of material generated by the inquiry more accessible.

Free Press – Archive

The archive of the Free Press journal, published by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (of which Better Media is a successor) from 1980 to 2018. A fascinating resource documenting four decades of media reform efforts from trade union campaigners.

Hold The Front Page

Website collating news and job opportunities in the world of journalism. Founded in 2000, Hold The Front Page has a particular focus on UK regional journalism.


Independent regulator of press standards. The only UK regulator recognised by the Press Recognition Panel (see below) as meeting requirements for independence and capability.

International Forum for Responsible Media (Inforrm)

A blog set up to debate issues of media responsibility, with archives covering a variety of related topics dating back to 2010.

LSE Media & Communications

The Department of Media & Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. A respected centre of education and research into media issues, founded in 2003.

Media, Communications and Cultural Studies (Goldsmiths)

The Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Another acclaimed academic source of media research. Department staff include some of the founders of the Media Reform Coalition (see below).

Media Diversity Institute (MDI)

International NGO working to encourage accurate and nuanced reporting on race, religion, ethnic, class, disability, gender and sexual identity issues. Their website hosts a wide array of related resources for journalists and students.

Media Guardian

News, comment and analysis of media issues from within the mainstream media. Comprehensive, if sometimes compromised.

Media Reform Coalition (MRC)

The MRC brings together activists, academics and media producers to challenge unaccountable media corporations and build an independent, democratic media system. They also run the annual Media Democracy Festival, and have produced comprehensive reports such as Who Owns The UK Media? and the UK Media Influence Matrix.

Media Voices Podcast

Weekly podcast featuring media news and interviews with notable media figures. Often focused on the economics and technological trends of the industry.

PINF Local News Map

An extremely useful resource that displays local news outlets, independent and corporate, by location across the whole UK.

Press Gazette

A leading online source of news about media, including tech, publishing, traditional media, local media, media law and more. Some sponsored content; reader discretion advised.

Press Recognition Panel (PRP)

An independent overseer of press regulation, established by Royal Charter in 2014 following the Leveson Inquiry. Assesses press regulators, such as the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) and IMPRESS, reporting on their independence and suitability for protecting the public.

Public Media Alliance

UK-based international association of public broadcasters. Promotes the activities of its members alongside news and discussion of public media issues more generally.

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans Frontières; RSF)

An international not-for-profit that has been advocating for the freedom, pluralism and independence of journalism since 1985. Monitors press freedom in 180 countries, reporting on developments in five languages.

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Based in the University of Oxford, the Reuters Institute is a good source of big-picture media research and information on how news media is being used and consumed around the world.

School of Journalism, Media and Culture (Cardiff)

School of the University of Cardiff, acclaimed for its teaching programmes, that is also a repository of much excellent research on topics including ‘Jounalism and democracy’, ‘Digital media and society’ and ‘Media, culture and creativity’.

Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity

Based out of the Birmingham Media School, the Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity was founded in 2020 to provide research backing to campaigners (including Sir Lenny) working for greater diversity in broadcasting in media. It has since its expanded its aims, and is now “working to achieve accurate representation of all sections of society across contemporary UK media”.