Fed up with ultra concentrated media power and the corruption, hate speech and fake news that comes with it?
Want diverse, democratic, accountable media? Join us

Our goal is to build a large scale democratic membership organisation to organise, fund and support campaigns for Better Media in the UK.

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Better Media is hiring!

Better Media is a campaigning co-op run by members. We are looking for a part time worker to lead the fight for media reform and media justice by helping people[…]

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Election 2019 – Future of the Media – what the parties say

CPBF stalwart Barry White has very usefully written up what all the 2019 election manifestos say about media: With less than three weeks to go before the general election on[…]

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Try the twenty quid test

THINK BACK: if you were around at the turn of the century, how much do you reckon you were spending on media each week? On a couple of papers a[…]

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